For two decades Injen Technology and our sister company, RD Metal Works, have played a major role in the design and development of the performance air intake system. RD Metal Works was established in 1981 and by the early 90’s we were designing and manufacturing air intake kits for leading air filter and performance air intake manufacturers.
In 1998, a need for quality and proven performance was in high demand. That same year, Injen Technology was formed by absorbing the experience, design capabilities, and quality standards set forth by RD Metal Work. This was an exciting time, as the internet and the forums were still in their infancy stages, fueling the minds of car enthusiasts with a wealth of information. Injen Technology made it the norm to dyno-test and publish dyno charts to the public showing our proven horsepower and torque gains. Injen Technology also took advantage of the new social media outlets that were taking shape and made keywords a standard in our industry such as, “Dyno-Proven Performance”, “Dyno-Tuned”, “Quality, Form, Function”, “Race Division”, and the list goes on and on!
After Injen Technology was formed, we embarked on the never-ending quest to brand Injen Technology and set new standards of quality and performance while constantly striving to improve our own engineering capabilities. Injen Technology’s history is a classic success story of a small manufacturing company turned industry leader of aftermarket performance products, making Injen Technology one of the only original air intake manufactures from the 90’s that remains privately owned to this day!
Injen Technology has made it a point to stay at the forefront of performance technology making only the best air intake system one can envision. Injen’s R&D team utilizes the very best FARO laser CMM arm for precise measurements, along with the industry leading Fortus 3D printer for rapid-prototyping parts. Our engineers work real-time in 3D using the latest in 3D CAD software to ensure unsurpassed fit and performance. The final piece to our R&D puzzle is our in-house dyno that is used to test every intake we design. Bringing together all these phases of R&D and manufacturing under one roof has proven to be the equation for unrivaled success.
With such enthusiastic responses for our new products, we anticipate solid sales growth within all market segments. Our innovative designs, high performance standards and quality workmanship will pave the way for our continued success for years to come.

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