KraftWerks Performance Group, LLC is a high performance supercharger kit manufacturer. KraftWerks designs and manufactures Rotrex-based supercharger kits for import vehicles. KraftWerks kits have shown gains in excess of 100% across the entire power band and represent the pinnacle in forced air induction.

At the core of each KraftWerks kit is a patented Rotrex traction drive supercharger, capable of over 200,000 RPM. The proprietary design allows the Rotrex supercharger to be lighter, smaller, quieter, cooler, and run higher RPMs than all other competing superchargers, and results in superior efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved transient response. KraftWerks Supercharger kits offer a broader, more usable power than anything on the market. A broad power band makes for a better street and race car, and demonstrates the superiority of the Rotrex design. KraftWerks designs kits for a variety of vehicles.

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