South Bend Clutch

South Bend Clutch's third generation clutch rebuilders, designers, and partners. Woody, Andrew and Peter Pyfer carry on the heritage of their grandfather and father as equal partners in South Bend Clutch, Inc. "We all knew we would end up in the family business," explains Woody, "We all wanted to be part of it."

South Bend Clutch now has their own line of high performance clutch kits. We spend much of our time and energy designing and testing new products in an effort to continually improve your driving experience. Our Dyna Max line of clutches utilizes the newest technology the industry has to offer. So whether you tow, tractor pull, drag race, grand prix race, or just love the feel of acceleration, South Bend Clutch will have the clutch to get you there.

South Bend Clutch has expanded into the field of Cryogenics. With the addition of the fourth family generation, Jonathan Pyfer is leading South Bend Clutch into the cutting edge technology of Cryogenic Processing. South Bend Clutch has been using Cryogenic treatment to enhance their products as well as improve the performance and life of their machining tools. South Bend Clutch has had great success with Cryogenics and is now offering this amazing service to the public.

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